My hiking experience

The big day has come! Today was the day that dad, granddad, Tracy and I went to Julie mountain for a hike. I went with my friend Albert but got separated from Dad and the others. Albert and I went on a track to Julie mountain. But, unfortunately we went on the wrong track! We didn’t realise it after we went through 2 and a half hours of walking. We were supposed to go in a narrow trail but we went the big track , instead which caused us not to go to the peak.

Before we went back we had some lunch. I had buns and milk while Albert had a sandwich.  After our yummy lunch we turned back and walked another 2 and a half hours. The walk was really tiring and we had to stop a few times. Then I remembered that one of my friends in a group said it was a 8 km walk! We walked 8 KM FOR NOTHING???? Although we didn’t go to the peak, I saw some very spectacular wildlife like: a fox, a possum, some dens, mice and 2 deer. One of the deer I saw was running among the trees down on the forest floor. The sound it made always made me laugh. It sounded more like a car honking. The other one was basking in the hot afternoon sun. When it saw us, it began alert and quickly ran away, also making a honking sound. Then we played a game of “Tigy” ( Which wasn’t very entertaining).

When we finally made it back down the mountain I was more than happy to go home. Man! that a very tiring and steep climb. My legs are numb! 

Mount Julie:

Mount Julie is 1120 metres above sea level and is a great tourist attraction for hiking. Whoever made it to the peak of it can admire the beautiful landscape of mountains and trees.


I have also moved houses to a new place far from Clayton, greeted welcomes from Glen Waverley. Now I go to Mount View Primary in fourth grade I have made new friends since I ever arrived. I thought ” Gee, This can get no better.”

About me

I am now a Primary school student in grade 4.  I am 9 and 3 quarters years old and I am very near my tenth birthday. My likes are playing games on my computer,  watching TV, cuddling my bear and reading books. As a job, I would like to be specialized as a paleontologist, a scientist who studies bones and fossils that animals and prehistoric mammals have left behind to be examined for archaeology.