Lake Entrance Camp site- Holiday – Part 1

What a lovely morning, the sun was high and the morning breeze against the stained glass. I got up pretty early to do my daily morning routine. Today’s breakfast was hot chocolate and buns. After breakfast, It was already 8 o’clock  and I haven’t even packed yet! PANIC! I slugged my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth takes ages and my sister, Tracy, started banging on the door slightly irritated. Then when my mum said ”  YOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL !”, I run out, swish pass my sister (red faced), pick up my school bag and slam the door behind me. Then as a bad habit I always forget something, like an exercise book, homework or some other junk. Like when I wake up at 6, I’ll be at school at 9:30. ( But that is on school days).

Anyway, today was Sunday so it took even longer to brush my teeth because mum didn’t remind me. When I finally made it out the bathroom my sister was downstairs arguing to mum about me. I quickly packed my stuff and headed for the door. And when I say quickly, I mean slowly. And when I say slowwwwwlyyyyy, I mean awfully slowly.

When we managed to get everything onto our car, we set off, on our way to our campsite. For the first few minutes, the holiday was going well. It was then dad turned the wrong corner and mum and dad started arguing. Mum blamed dad for not driving properly, while dad snapped at mum for yelling at him and losing his concentration. When we thought things could get any worse, one of the wheels broke. “Some holiday this is turning out to be” I thought bitterly.  At this rate we won’t get to the campsite before dark  ( 🙁 ). Mum and Dad reassured everyone that everything was OK and everything would be fine before we went to sleep.

But, boy they were wrong.

My new FISH TANK!!

The day I got myself  a  fish tank started like any other day. I woke up late, as usual and went over to the curtains to check the weather. It wasn’t a good day, the clouds covered the morning sun and the rain curtained the window panes. I got ready to go to my SAT classes which is held in Wesley Secondary college. Every Saturday grandpa, dad, two younger sisters and I went to my day school’s basketball court to play basketball and tennis. When we had realized that we were late we would race down to Wesley in about 3 min flat.

In class, Miss Wen our Chinese teacher strode up to me and demanded to see my homework. “OH, NO,NO,NOOOOOO!!!” I was too eager to play basketball I forgot to do my homework from last week! So I explained to Miss Wen what had happened and convinced her that I had school camp last week. After a drag of Chinese class it was finally lunch time. Lucas (one of my best friends in Chinese school) and I chatted about my close incident for getting my face yelled at.

After lunch, Lucas and I had maths class. Lucas bet me again by 5 points and became the first in Maths class ( not a surprise, he’s really good at maths) while I came 2nd. I was pretty happy about my score and when I went home I felt like I was awarded! Sitting in the lounge room table sat a fish tank with 3 fish in it. 1 for me, 1 for Tracy and 1 for Trina. Our dad suggested for us to name our fish tank and so we did! I named mine “Silverback”. Tracy named her’s “Red Fish” (Pretty lame name, no offence). Trina didn’t name hers yet.

It has been a successful day for me and I hope the fish will last longer than I think it will.

But it didn’t.