Bike ED

Tuesday 21st of November

Today was Bike Ed. The long frantic preparation had begun. I anxiously climbed out of bed and dressed. As I dressed I wondered what group I would be in. I wanted to be in Blue – but that was impossible. Dad had rated me Low and personally, I disagreed. My biking skills to, my opinion was average because I could accelerate uphill easily in my gears. ‘Low’ he said. ‘because you cried on your way up last time from Jells park.’ That was true but that was long back in year 3.

Finally I was ready to go to school. As a helper, Dad had to bring his bike to ride alongside us. When we went up to school I asked Dad. ‘Why did you bring your bike?’ I regretted it immediately. Dad frowned. ‘I’m a volunteer, of course I need to bring a bike, you expect me to run alongside you?’ I opened my mouth to speak but thought a better of it.

I was placed in Gold, 5th best group. I frowned. I didn’t think I was that bad! I sighed. ‘Great’, I thought as I saw Ben, the school bully put on his gold bib. ‘Now I’m with him.’

As I accelerated along with my group all I could think about was moving up and avoiding Ben. I glanced behind me. Ben, gazed back with his charcoal eyes, twisting his mouth into a small smirk. I quickly turned back. I pedaled faster ready to overtake Jill, a girl in my class.

Suddenly disaster struck. Ben rammed into my bike. As I toppled over my bike, went out of control and smashed into Jill’s. We both crumpled to the floor. A strong hand hauled me up. I gazed into the eyes of Mrs Gartheram my Sports teacher. As I recovered from my fall, I could faintly hear Ben frantically explaining that he had not pushed the brakes and bumped into me on accident. I spat on the ground. ‘Your going to pay Ben, oh yes you will’ I muttered evilly under my breath.