The long waiting of school has finally come! Christmas was amazing, everyone had a great time opening presents and had a humongous yummy feast where everyone got along. That night we watched a movie called Home Alone where a child called Kevin is – you guessed it! Is at home … Alone!

That beautiful morning I woke at like… 5 AM and literally started ripping up the presents like a beaver making its hole. I was surprised to find a huge water gun the size of my forearm and in width of a tree branch. My sisters got the same thing but significantly smaller. We also received a $10 each made from Christmas wrapping paper.  Our mum insisted on making the house clean again ready for the New Year party. On Christmas Eve, I secretly snuck out and bought myself a $10 Roblox gift card and addressed it into my account. Unfortunately, It was unsuccessful and Roblox stole my Robux. I silently cursed under my bed all night and sometimes my eyes even leaked.

I am now definitely looking forwards into the holidays because my dad had told me I was going to America and Canada for a holiday and then to Sydney. I was also going to have a play date with Yuxiang (my best friend) and maybe have a sleepover with Gary (another friend).

That is all for today and look forward for another post this week.