Snow Mountain 1

Wonderous and Mystical, snow has been one of the very things I longed to see in my childhood. The thought of actually seeing it made me giddy. I longed to roll in it. Longed to feel it. I made a promise to myself many years ago, when I saw fake snowflakes in Ballarat, that I will experience snow and be like those in cartoons and TV shows. But I soon realised it was a promise I couldn’t keep.

8th July 2018

DING, DING. DING, DING! My alarm went off. A clumsy hand of a mine reached out and knocked the alarm over. Not that I intended, but… Oh well. Looks like I have to buy a new one. Ominous, Gray clouds blanketed the blue sky as I rubbed my eyes out of unconsciousness. ‘Normal Winter Day’ I mumbled. I made myself get out of bed.

Just as my warm feet touched the ice cold floor, last night’s recount came back into my mind. It was like a river of experience flooding back to me. I WAS GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS WITH GARY!!! HOW COME I FORGOT? OMGOMGOMG… I rushed out of my room dressed in woollen jumpers and two layers of fur leggings. I rushed out of my room and I hurriedly ate my breakfast made of porridge and toast.


I boarded the car with Gary wearing 6 layers on. I have never had this many layers on, even in Canada! I finally now know what it feels like to be obese. I can’t even fit my rain coat on! Every time I put on one button… POP! The other one pops out. I was getting more irritated the second and I only got as far as 3/6. POP,POP,POP!!!


My Brain felt over washed. I’ve been sitting in this air packed car for “I don’t know how many years”. I had enough. This humid air is killing me. I swung open the door and stomped outside. For a few seconds, I felt cool and good. But after 10 seconds, I felt a strong gust of winter wind that blew off my rain coat. The snow under me felt cold and hard. Rain pounded my head as I desperately climbed into the car again. That was when small pieces of ice and snow started pounding the car. Bang! Bang! Bang!


My poor raincoat… Poor me…. This is not what I expected what would happen on a snow mountain.