District Cross-Country

After coming 2nd in school cross-country, I proceeded to District Cross-Country. Today, we were racing in Jells Park, 6 schools competed, with about 50 competitors in every school group. Thus, resulting with approximately 300 students who participated. I was especially nervous because in the last 2 years,  had missed division by the edge of the cliff. In Year 5, I had placed 11th (You had to be 10+ to make it to the next level) and in Year 4, I had come 12th.

My race was the second, the 12/13 year old girls go first. As I warmed up for my race, I ate a banana. I know it may sound weird, but I thought I needed the energy.

At 10:15, it was finally my race. I was aiming for a 3rd, but I kind of felt that I won’t achieve that. Tension built as the coach explained the rules. No punching, no pushing, no cutting corners that sort of thing. And BANG! The gun went off. I sprinted full on ahead, leading. At a huge hill, I started slowing down. A guy passed me, then a teammate. I then settled into a good position, coming 3rd. At about 300 metres before the finish line, a guy sprinted pass me and gained distance. I was so exhausted, I couldn’t keep up. In the end, I finished fourth after having a big centre stitch.

My dad bought me a delicious meat pie loaded with tomato sauce. That’s his way of saying well done!


On the 26th of May, our school had a whole school run, Year 6 and 5 running for 3km, Year 2,3 and 4 running for 2.5km. And Year 1/Prep running for 1.5km. This yearly activity has been the districts 20th year.

Our run was happening just before lunch, but we to “encourage” the year 4s and 5s. When it was our turn to run, I felt jittery and nervous. What if I don’t make it to the District Team? I haven’t practiced for this moment so I felt butterflies flopping in my stomach. One…Two…Three! The race was on! We ran through the carpark, up a hill, around a corner, I was leading! But on my 2nd kilometre, I was overtake by a really fast runner. I was so puffed out (I was sprint running) that I just let him go ahead. Then, another person came behind me. Determined, I ran full sprint ahead, putting a good 30 metres between us. At that time, I blundered. Seeing that he was so far behind, I started relaxing. Seeing this opportunity, he started speeding up. At out final kilometre, we ran neck to neck, until I finally pulled ahead, placing me 2nd out of over 100 students