Regional Cross Country

After proceeding District and Division, I came to Region Cross Country.

I was in pretty down spirits as I knew I wouldn’t make it in. I was already in the top 100 distance runners in Victoria and there was no way I was going to be the top 100 runners in Australia. No way. So reluctantly, I still trudged my way to the Bus headed for the Place held for the competition.

The bus was spacious as It only contained 1/4 of it’s whole capacity. I previously thought that lots of the Multi-Class students would pass through, however, they didn’t. It was a whole 1 hour drive, but I didn’t talk, nor did I sleep.

After the boresome journey, we made it to the Race Track. It was all muddy and wet due to previous rains and the run itself was no better. My race was the 2nd out of the Primary Students, but we had to wait for the High schoolers to finish. Meaning that we had about 1 hour of free time. Me and my friend (only two in the 12/13 made it to the Regionals) went ahead and simply chatted. My race drew nearer. My tummy started getting butterflies.

Finally, it was my race. There was many puddles and obstacles. Like someone pushing other people out of the way, for instance. That wasn’t great fun. He pushed me out forcefully and I nearly tripped. Sweaty try hard.

At the end, I came 71st out of about 100. Terrible score, but ok for a guy who is sick and had a terrible head start.

Division Cross Country

After succeeding District, I proceeded to Division Cross-Country.

I awoke to the sound of a loud kettle going off. “This was it. This was the day.” I said to myself. I got dressed and hands trembling, went to the kitchen. The sudden brightness of the lights gave me no reassurance, for I was already considering the fact that I may not proceed to the next level of Regionals. But I knew that there is always hope within the dark, so I set on a growth-mindset and ate breakfast.

At last, The clock hit 8:50. It was time to get on the bus. There was only about 50 of us, out of the 800 students who participated. Single filed, we marched onto the bus, and took off. We were off to Jells Park.

The first race, the 12/13 girls were running at 10:00am. I watched them get on their marks, and with the long, piercing whistle, they were off. There were 6 participants in that race, 2 made it to the next round. The 12/13 boys race was next. About 5 minutes after the last girl made it to the finish line, the participants of the 12/13 race were summoned to the starting line. It was District all over again, and I knew that it will be harder than just passing a few nutshells. I was a representative of my school, one of the 2 boys selected to run in the race. A loud, long whistle jolted my mind, and I was running.

The first obstacle was an enormous hill, I estimated to be about 700 meters, from the bottom of the track, to the top. I went full try-hard mode, racing up the hill, I was placing 5th. When I came over the top, I was already puffed out. It was getting increasingly harder and harder to breathe. By the time I descended down another hill, I wanted to stop. Every muscular part of my legs threatened on the verge of collapsing. I looked down and saw the 2500 meters mark. 500 more meters to go. I could do it. I went onto 4th gear, gaining on the 11th runner. Another mark. 100 meters to go. Passed the 11th runner. The 10th runner and I was neck to neck, 50 meters. 40 meters. 20 meters. 5 meters. 1 meter. I lept over the finish line, just squeezing into 10th position. The reason I had tried so hard, only the top 10 could make it to the next level. I was blessed.

First Defeat

It was Sunday and our 6th match in the Tennis Tournament. We were versing Legend Park with high spirits. We have never lost a single match before and I thought that this was no exception. One of our teammates have suffered a Car Crash incident and was brought to hospital, it was clear that he isn’t well enough to play tennis. So, we brought in a old friend of mine who also plays tennis.

The first match was Number 2 player and Number 3 player doubles, they get to play on court 6, I had to wait for them to finish first, then I could play. This was because the tennis club had too many different clubs playing competition at once, so it was lacking courts.

Unfortunately, my teammates lost the first round, 6 – 4. Determined to bring the scores even, I battled my hardest against the Number one player on their team. He was incredibly tall, so he got many smashes. Despite this, I managed to pull a win, 7 – 6. We were losing by one game, so I tried my best to gain that extra point.

After many struggles, at the end, we were beaten. 33 – 30. If only we won extra 3 points…