Justin’s Playdate

It is Sunday. I had been looking forward to this day for the whole week. Today, I have tennis in the morning, lunch at Danny’s house (Pizza!) and am going to Justin’s house for a quadruple playdate.

At 8:45 I went to tennis. I was playing Danny and his team. What a load of luck! I was going to Danny’s house after this! Danny’s Team was pretty strong, it consisted of two volleyers and I ground sweeper. Normally, that is a good combination in tennis. However, we have a STRONGER team. I am our ground sweeper AND Volleyer. Peter is strong in ground sweeping, and Oliver is extremely tall, so he does a lot of smashes.

Danny and I are the Number 1 player on both teams, so we play off against each other. I won, 6 to 1. The next few rounds were uneventful.

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