Snow Mountain 2

It’s 2019 and my second time to the trip to the mountains. My family is going with Gary’s Family (again) to the same place we went in 2018. I could remember the scenes clearly in my head. Rolling out of bed. Forgetting that I was going to the snow mountains. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. So I made a sticky note saying: “SNOW MOUNTAINS -TODAY” in bold. And stuck it on the ceiling. That is what I did last night.

It actually worked pretty well. I awoke and saw the note almost straight away. I pulled on 3 layers and hurriedly ate breakfast. At 8:30am, Gary arrived, so we took off. Dad, silly as he is, forgot to bring his snow gear. He was too busy preparing ours.

When we arrived, it was 11am, and figuring it will be handier, we ate lunch at the cafe. It was decent, with rolls and sandwiches, but dad wouldn’t let us buy chips. After lunch, we pulled on out snow gear, tobagons, ski masks, mittens, jackets and pants and set off for the snow slope which we will be sliding down. It was really fun, riding out boards, and it was more fun, when we capsized and landed, sliding on the ice.

It was a brilliant day, but it was 3, so by time we will get home, it will be 5:30. So, sadly we had to go, otherwise risking a very late dinner. We sasid out goodbyes and parted for home.

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