Unusually, my tennis team have a BYE, meaning that we don’t play. Dad says we should swap last Sundays game with today, because last Sunday was a washout. Personally I disagree because my ankle hurt like fire, I was literally limping!

So I stayed in bed late, up until 9:00. Mum was close to furious, I was supposed to wake up at the very least, 8:30. I hurriedly filled up my bowl with milk, but before I could heat it, Dad’s voice rang from the corridor, “Hey Trevor, where is the tennis racket bag?”. Uh Oh. Busted. I had left it at the tennis court the last time I played. Seeing dad was about to erupt, I figuratively shrank to a pinball. It went something like this : “BAM, BOOM, POW” and “OUCH, OOF, WHOOSH”. It wasn’t fun.

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