Lakes Entrance 2

It was our second day at Lakes Entrance and I must say, I am impressed. The clean, 5 star house was equivalent to my dreams. The antique furniture and modern design really gives the house a clean edge, making it seem sharp and gleaming.

Last night, me, Albert and Gary played Monopoly until 11PM which is a bit late, since we awoke at 5AM. Gary snored like a miniature truck and I had bags under my eyes when I finally dragged myself out of bed. The reason we woke so early, is to catch more crabs, since most crabs submerge at 8PM to about 7-8AM. My dad drove us to the harbour (jetty) and we started tossing down the nets.

Our first haul, contained 6 crabs in 1 net, which was mind-blowing because the max we got yesterday was only 4. And the best thing was, 5 of the was HUGE! Which means that we already bet yesterday’s “big crab” haul (2 Big crabs). But our luck didn’t stop.

Our second net, brought us 7 crabs, 5 big. We were so happy (well I was anyway…), that the three of us (excluding dad.) couldn’t stop moving (even Gary, even though he had seasickness!).

At about our 6th haul, I though I caught a little movement to my right. I squinted. It was squirming and slither, and looked like a rubber ball. Then, it unrolled and zoomed right under us. It was a seal. A wild one! It flopped around us for about a minute, then flicked it’s tail, as if saying goodbye and plunged back into the turquoise sea-water. I had been shocked to silence. I had never seen a wild seal before, and it was BIG.

At 8, we had 2 bucketful’s of crab, ready to be taken back home. I packed our bags of nets and bait, then headed back home. I played a little of games before I drifted off into a daydream…

Lakes Entrance

It was Tuesday, the dawn of the trip to Lakes Entrance. I had most of my things packed for the night, my sleeping bag, iPad and two books, just in case I get lonely. We set off at about 8:30AM, hoping to get there just in time for lunch. It was a 4 hour wheel drive so things started to get really boring, really soon. The only form of entertainment was the DVD track which played Kung Fu Panda 2. It runs for 1:30 hours but loops again if finished, so we ended up watching it two times, which kind of made it lose it’s “movie” touch.

We arrived at 12:40PM, at a jetty. Our house overnight opens only at 3, so we stood on the harbour catching crabs for the next 2 hours. It honestly was pretty fun because you wouldn’t know what might come up. Everyone wanted to catch big crabs but in the afternoon, most of the crabs are still in their hidie-holes. We did manage to catch 2 big ones, and one with eggs.

After that, we went to our rented house to set up our beds and make dinner. For dinner, we had a treat of delicious crab noodles which came with a dish of steaming hot pizza.

I can’t wait for Wednesday!


From the beginning of Term 3 to the end, we have been working on our Exhibition projects. Until… finally, the day had come for Year 6 to showcase our work to our guardians.

It was Thursday, and the day that everyone had been both, nervous and excited. It was the night that gave you butterflies in your stomach. It was also a time to make our parents proud of us. Well… that’s how I interpreted it anyway.

Others just took it as a useless momentum to their boring Years at elementary school. Exhibition, as the name suggests, is a gallery walk, a summary of the education we received at MVPS. I personally took it as a prison leave ?… (lol).

Honestly speaking though, I did learn a lot. My topic was Personalitites, which is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. From there, my group created a central idea, which was: “Students will understand that experiences and choices may influence an evolving individual”. And further down the track, we created Lines of Inquiries, which guided us down to our individual KRQ (Key Research Question ). This question directed us in researching, which we used to create our Written Responses. From there, the Written Responses gave us ideas to how we could “create” out Exhibiton Stand and make it “Pop”. The Written Responses also led us to the creation of the Creative Pieces, which was the main and crucial part to our Exhibition Stand.

This is where Exhibition really becomes exciting. The simple idea of our Creative Responses gave us motivation and enthusiasm, thus boosting our confidence in the task. It was about this point I reflected upon the past 6 weeks of hard working. I can now give a approximate guess of someone’s personality by simply analysing reactions and choices. I also know a whole heap of new theories and facts which I thought to be really cool and help me on my journey to University and beyond.