Lakes Entrance 2

It was our second day at Lakes Entrance and I must say, I am impressed. The clean, 5 star house was equivalent to my dreams. The antique furniture and modern design really gives the house a clean edge, making it seem sharp and gleaming.

Last night, me, Albert and Gary played Monopoly until 11PM which is a bit late, since we awoke at 5AM. Gary snored like a miniature truck and I had bags under my eyes when I finally dragged myself out of bed. The reason we woke so early, is to catch more crabs, since most crabs submerge at 8PM to about 7-8AM. My dad drove us to the harbour (jetty) and we started tossing down the nets.

Our first haul, contained 6 crabs in 1 net, which was mind-blowing because the max we got yesterday was only 4. And the best thing was, 5 of the was HUGE! Which means that we already bet yesterday’s “big crab” haul (2 Big crabs). But our luck didn’t stop.

Our second net, brought us 7 crabs, 5 big. We were so happy (well I was anyway…), that the three of us (excluding dad.) couldn’t stop moving (even Gary, even though he had seasickness!).

At about our 6th haul, I though I caught a little movement to my right. I squinted. It was squirming and slither, and looked like a rubber ball. Then, it unrolled and zoomed right under us. It was a seal. A wild one! It flopped around us for about a minute, then flicked it’s tail, as if saying goodbye and plunged back into the turquoise sea-water. I had been shocked to silence. I had never seen a wild seal before, and it was BIG.

At 8, we had 2 bucketful’s of crab, ready to be taken back home. I packed our bags of nets and bait, then headed back home. I played a little of games before I drifted off into a daydream…

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