Lakes Entrance

It was Tuesday, the dawn of the trip to Lakes Entrance. I had most of my things packed for the night, my sleeping bag, iPad and two books, just in case I get lonely. We set off at about 8:30AM, hoping to get there just in time for lunch. It was a 4 hour wheel drive so things started to get really boring, really soon. The only form of entertainment was the DVD track which played Kung Fu Panda 2. It runs for 1:30 hours but loops again if finished, so we ended up watching it two times, which kind of made it lose it’s “movie” touch.

We arrived at 12:40PM, at a jetty. Our house overnight opens only at 3, so we stood on the harbour catching crabs for the next 2 hours. It honestly was pretty fun because you wouldn’t know what might come up. Everyone wanted to catch big crabs but in the afternoon, most of the crabs are still in their hidie-holes. We did manage to catch 2 big ones, and one with eggs.

After that, we went to our rented house to set up our beds and make dinner. For dinner, we had a treat of delicious crab noodles which came with a dish of steaming hot pizza.

I can’t wait for Wednesday!

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