It was Friday and a good friend of mine is coming over to my house. His nickname is Penguin, so I am going to be referring to him as that name. We both loved playing Roblox with each other, and are dedicated to creating a game for everyone to play.

I personally take it as a hobby, programming this advanced game for peers and I think it is extremely rewarding when the result is published. I just feel really accomplished when I put my heart and soul into a project and watch it come to life. And everyone one of these projects adds just a fraction tot he entire game entity.

That day, we simply played Brawl Stars and Soul Knight for a simple change. How nice!

At about 8PM, it was time to go. I waved him goodbye, promised him that we’ll continue again someday and climbed into bed. And fell into a peaceful sleep….

Fog Skate

On Thursday night, Rollerama held their fog skate for children at 6-9PM. 3 hours of skating was to be behold in that arena. I couldn’t wait to go there when I saw the leaflets.

Which was why I was so disappointed when my dad cancelled the trip. When I sat down to eat my dinner that evening, a call rang through. It was my friend’s mum. She had called to ask when to be at the fog skate. When my dad said it was to be cancelled, I heard a lot of protests and suggestions. When the call ended, my dad turned to me, he solemnly said, “You are to take Melody’s car to Rollerama”.

I was so pumped my heart could have leaped out of my chest. I was going!

When I got there, children littered the arena. The tables were piled to the top. And bathrooms overloaded. It was so full, that you can feel heat radiating from the inside. But that wasn’t the only thing that spread. It was the smell of happiness and joy from all the skaters on board. I smiled. This was going to be a fun night…