Twilight Carnival

Mount View Primary School held its Twilight Carnival on Friday the 11th of November, Evening. At the carnival, many cultures and nationalities can be spotted even from the rides themselves. They included families from Australia, China, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and more. It was quite hard to see them, since seeing everyone on top of rides was like trying to spot ants when concentrating not to die.

The array of foods from different cultures was available to delight everyone. Including me. Oh My Goodness, I still want another Pancake… anyways, international traders served their tasty cuisine including paellas, souvlakis, curries, pizza, stir-fries, rice dishes, noodles, kebabs, ice creams and gelato.  Just staring made me water :D. The popular Parents Association Big BBQ arrangement brought classic festival foods including sausages, and hamburgers.  I’m sure we can’t forget the fun food offerings of soft drinks, fairy floss and popcorn.

The Carnival featured over 10 major ride attractions, including the Pirate’s Nest, Music Trip, Tornado, Giant Slide, Tea Cups, Fun Factory, Camels, Donkeys and more. I went on the Tornado and it went 180 Degrees! I was scared to the bones!

Lucky Jars and Chocolate Toss, home made preserves, second hand toys and more was set up under the shelter on the Basketball courts and Walden Oval. I didn’t explore these very well because I was queuing up for the rides and buying food. A worthwhile choice.

Overall, in my opinion, the carnival was a huge success and I can’t wait for next year’s Mount View Twilight Carnival.