Beach Tripping

The salt of the ocean hit my nose like a tidal wave. The endless waves crashed onto the shore, spraying foam in every direction. I stood with breathless wonder and I took in the vast and beautiful scene in-front of me. What a way to celebrate Christmas!

While me and dad pitched the tent, my two sisters ran straight into the water. I watched them with envy. It sucks to be a big brother sometimes. Right after we set up the tent, I grabbed a water gun and dove into the shallow pool of seawater. The gentle waves here bobbed us up and down. I grabbed my smallest sister, whom is 4 years of age and led her even deeper. We went to the point where she was chest deep in water. I carried her back because I thought she wouldn’t be able to balance.

We spent 2 hours at the beach, rolling in the sand, collecting seashell, and splashing each other with water. It was a fun day and I will treasure it with my days to come.

Puffing Billy Steam Train

The puffing billy station was located next to Knox, east of my home. It was a brilliant sunny morning and the rays of the sun escaped the ominous clouds. I stretched and yawned. Today was gonna be a long day. We were to catch the Puffing Billy train at 10:30AM today and ride it until 12:30, at Emerald Lake to eat picnic with my Dad’s colleagues.

We got there at 10 in the morning and I read my book as we slacked off to wait for my dad’s friends to give us the train tickets. We waited. And waited. And waited. Until it was 10:30 and the train was about to go. Dad, frantic, called and called, but no one took the phone. Until one of them did and told us that the train was actually at 11:10AM. Annoyed, we trudged back to one of the side benches to wait some more.

We waited until it was about 10:50 and that’s when most of my father’s company’s employees came along. They handed out our tickets and off we took, on the puffin’ billy train. It was actually pretty fun, you were allowed to hang your head outside of carriages!

We arrived at Emerald Lake at 12:20 and set up our picnic under a park shelter. There was a barbecue station, but we had our own food, so it was not of use. The food consisted of delicious homemade burgers that ran oil when you bit into them. It was good at first…but as you eat more, the feeling becomes sickly. I just drank a buttload of Cola after that.

For desert, there was mini pizzas and cakes shared around… I wasn’t that interested, so I just brought out my book and started reading. We also went down to the actual Emerald Lake to enjoy the scenery. The scent of greenery hit my sensitive nose and I immediately started getting Hay Fever. After resisting temptation to scratch my eyes out, I sat down and continued to read while my family went out to paddle boat in the lake.

It was a pretty good day, considering it was so tiring.