Beach Tripping

The salt of the ocean hit my nose like a tidal wave. The endless waves crashed onto the shore, spraying foam in every direction. I stood with breathless wonder and I took in the vast and beautiful scene in-front of me. What a way to celebrate Christmas!

While me and dad pitched the tent, my two sisters ran straight into the water. I watched them with envy. It sucks to be a big brother sometimes. Right after we set up the tent, I grabbed a water gun and dove into the shallow pool of seawater. The gentle waves here bobbed us up and down. I grabbed my smallest sister, whom is 4 years of age and led her even deeper. We went to the point where she was chest deep in water. I carried her back because I thought she wouldn’t be able to balance.

We spent 2 hours at the beach, rolling in the sand, collecting seashell, and splashing each other with water. It was a fun day and I will treasure it with my days to come.

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